Monday, 5 November 2007

Fodder aound the South.

Melbourne Victoria Australia, Moora Western Australia and Johannesburg South Africa, have all been sites for grass fibre (specifically bales of fodder) weaving workshops in the past few months.
The images show the workshops along with a fibre piece from each..
As common as fodder is never the less it allows great freedom in the making.
In Melbourne it was sourced from a stockfeeder supplier, in Moora directly from a farmer and in Johannesburg the Zoo kindly dontated a bale and we hope the elephants didnt go hungry on our behalf.
At each workshop without exception there is an energy and excitement as people venture into a form and it slowly evolves.
In Johannesburg Ivy Hopkins from Central Australia was present and she collaborated with others in making a large figure using raffia, wool and fodder. I think the particpants were intrigued as the child sized figure took shape with such spontaneous action.
I asked a young man what he wanted to make. "A lion" he rplied and set into it. Later I saw him back making a basket.
May the shared materials and company contribute to the important linking of Southern Hemisphere crafts.
Nalda Searles