Thursday, 17 December 2009

fodder figures

The use of fodder to make grass figures by children is slowly taking on.
Today I have been shown a small figure made by Hunter who is 7. (see picture here)
Hunter stitched straw into a small person shape then he cut material to make clothing. The eyes are buttons and different coloured wools are used as feet coverings and a head band. His grass figure is carrying a spear. Perhaps he means it to be an aboriginal hunter.
Children at Mooditch School are now skilful a with stitching grasses and reccycled textiles. Aged from 5 to 12 they have sewing skills, Fodder in its way of enjoyment encourages this.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A group of high school students here in Midland have almost completed making an Aboriginal flag of a sorts from fodder.
approx 20 students gather each thursday morning and they have stitched two large sheets of grass which today were joined upto become one.

It is worked onto a sheet of chicken mesh , each sheet is 150 x 100 cm so now thye they are joined it is quite impressive. A sun, a man with a spear and smaller figures that represent the Souther Cross stars. The Torres Strait Islander flag has been made and that is stitched on also.

Initialy I had doubts that it would work as it is quite heavy but having the wire base, plus sticks have been lashed along the sides and it looks good.
The students have had much fun making it. It will be ready for NAIDOC week shortly.

I think this may be the first time ever that grass, fodder has been used in such a manner.